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smoke two joints

album mp3 midi tabs
capitol ballroom yes no no
contact buzz yes no no
fiji islander yes no no
fox theatre yes no no
house of blues - san francisco, ca. yes no no
it all seems so silly in the long run yes no no
peabody's down under yes no no
rewind selector (36 tracks) yes no no
soma - san diego, ca yes no no

i smoke two joints in the morning
i smoke two joint at night
i smoke two joint in the afternoon
it makes me feel alright

i smoke two joints in time of peace
and two in time of war
i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints
and then i smoke two more

daddy he once told me
"son, you be hard workin' man"
and momma she once told me
"son, you do the best you can"
then one day i meet a man
he came to me and said
"hard work good and hard work fine
but first take care of head"

whoa rock me to the night
jah say