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the following albums are an a server provided by tim ( and can be downloaded directly in your browser. now you can download entire bootlegs with one click because the are in zip files. windows xp users need no extra software to open the files and extract the individual mp3s. if you are running another operating system and are unsure how to open zip files, check out this helpful tutorial.

a day in the sun (50 mb)
black album (38 mb)
black album ii (45 mb)
the bright side of the moon (aka hollywood swingers) (100 mb)
dominguez hills (39 mb)
fiji islander (30 mb)
the good always die young (69 mb)
las vegas '96 (40 mb)
lbc 90804 (64 mb)
one in a million (44 mb)
peabody's down under (76 mb)
rewind selector (251 mb)
soma - san diego, ca (56 mb)

you can find live shooter and some video clips at sublime stylee.

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